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June 21st, 2015

A Guide to the world of catsfiction

Welcome to my fiction journal. Have fun, and leave a note if you feel so inclined. Most entries are public, but if you visit regularly please friend me so we can keep in touch.

Here's what I've written thus far:


In each case, I link to Chapter One - follow the tag for the others

Boxing Day
The emotional fallout from The Christmas Invasion. Featuring Sarah Jane!

Second Chances
Non-canonical sequel to Boxing Day. What if Jack had turned up in Ten and Rose's lives before Doomsday happened?

The Guardians of Time

Very AU sequel to Boxing Day and Second Chances. Canary Wharf has come and gone, and Ten and Rose are still together. Then they have a baby, and Rose needs her mum. The Doctor's people are out there looking for him, and he's never wanted to be found. Until now....

Some Are More Equal
Gallifrey has survived the Time War, and now Rose and Ten are returning with their five-year-old daughter. But all is not as it seems, and they are soon drawn into a web of intrigue when they meet a disinherited Time Lady and her son.

The Way We Were

DW/Life on Mars crossover. The Runaway Bride in the TARDIS is Rose - but she doesn't recognise the Doctor. A tale of amnesia, wonky time portals, secrets, lies and a cop out of his time called Sam Tyler. With Jack and extra Torchwood goodness.

The Doctor's Diary

Ten and Rose get back in touch after Doomsday - is there any hope of a reunion? Yes, from an unexpected source. This series started as a post-Runaway Bride drabble on Christmas night, and expanded to 20 parts!

A Tale of Two Doctors

In the aftermath of "Time Crash", the Fifth Doctor finds himself in Pete's World with Rose. And the Tenth Doctor is in emotional meltdown, but the TARDIS has her own solution.

There are two short companion pieces to this fic - The Fall of  A Sparrow and Out of Joint


As It Should Be

After Doomsday, the Doctor asks Jack to help him pull Rose from the Void. But he hadn't anticipated the emotional fallout.

A New Man
AU from The Christmas Invasion - what if the Doctor had returned to Satellite Five and rescued Jack? A seasonal confection loosely based on Dickens' A Christmas Carol.


Starting straight after VOTD, this is more an OT3 look at the Ten/Rose/Jack relationship. All three feature the Torchwood team and spoilers up to the end of TW S2.

Safe Harbour
The Doctor seeks out Jack and asks him to help him get Rose back. But his feelings for Jack, and Jack's for both of them, need to be factored in, and the Doctor doesn't do feelings terribly well.

Life in Cardiff

Rose is home, but settling down to life with Jack and Ten turns out to be more problematic than any of them expected. Working together doesn't always help...

Undiscovered Country

Estranged from Jack after he refuses to leave the Team, the Doctor and Rose return to Cardiff to find a crisis unfolding. Owen is dead but Jack intends to reverse that, whatever the cost. And somehow, the Doctor has to stop him.


Emotional Baggage

A series of missing scenes, between the episodes of S4, charting the development of the Doctor/Donna friendship.

After The Storm
In which Donna's memory-wipe is shortlived, and the Doctor has to learn to love the Noble family.


I made several attempts to fix JE, with widely varying results. Sometimes 10 gets the girl, sometimes it's 10.5. Anyway, here they are:

Ten Years After

The most canon-compliant and by far the best received. There's probably a lesson there.

Out of Tune

It turns out that 10.5 can't survive physically without Donna, so with help from Jack, the original Doctor returns to the AU to sort matters out. Inspired by the DW Prom concert.

The Best of Times

The Doctor finds a way to preserve Donna's memories, but she's not prepared to let Rose slip away from him.

The Best Laid Plans
Further romantic complications ensue as the two Doctors, Donna and Rose play turn and turn about.


Home is an Old Brown Coat

Shopping for clothes rarely improves a strained relationship, but then an unexpected stroke of luck brings a breakthrough.

This Little Hand
One bit of him is still the original Doctor, and when Rose doesn't want to cheat on her first love, he knows exactly where to put it (Smutty!)


I've divided this into several tagged sections:

She Had This Family

A short pre-Doomsday sketch from Jackie Tyler's POV


Ten and Rose visit a Lancashire town, encounter some Morris dancers and reflect on making the best of the place where you end up.

Ten/Rose Happy
Mostly fluff. There is a Producers crossover in there somewhere.

Ten/Rose Angsty
If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.

You have been warned.

I'm solidly Ten/Rose shippy but I find Martha an interesting character, too. If that works for you, check out my
Martha fics.