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Wishing on a Star...yeah, that one

The Harmless, Necessary World of Catsfiction

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Welcome to my fictional universe. I only have time for one fandom and that's the Who-niverse. I was fascinated by it from the moment David Tennant said, "Where was I? That's right - Barcelona!" but it took Doomsday to get me writing about it. Since then I've been quite prolific.

My fictional universes are getting quite involved now so if you're new around here I suggest you start with the welcome tag. Mostly it's Doctor and Rose. I'll never stop believing in the potential of that relationship, especially when Jack is around to liven things up.

In general, professional Who writers don't or won't try to get into the Doctor's head, but with Ten at least, I've never had any problem with it. I'm probably frighteningly like him. Manic and emo in equal measures, hell or heaven to live with depending on your point of view and prone to say "I'm always all right," even when I'm not.

And in real life I parent two teenagers (when they'll let me), study Shakespeare and Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon part-time (lucky me) and work in a primary school library, which I helped set up six years ago. So I can get away with a bit of Doctor-love there, too. I live in England and have a special place in my heart for the very English brand of craziness with a streak of melancholy that is Doctor Who.